Uniqueness of LC3

  • LC3 stands for Limestone Calcined Clay Cement. It is a ternary blend of clinker, calcined clay, crushed limestone and gypsum. A nominal blend uses 50% clinker, 15% non-cement grade limestone (high silica or high MgO content), 30% calcined clay (non-ceramic grade) and 5% gypsum.
  • Calcined clay is calcined or baked between 700-800°C and ground with clinker, gypsum and raw limestone. The LCtechnology promises a sustainable growth of economics around the world by reducing up to 40% CO2 emissions compared to Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) at lower investment and production costs.
  • China clay calcination generally uses a rotary calciner and can easily be integrated into the existing production system of a cement plant. Redundant kilns can also be revived to produce LC3.
  • In certain cases, depending on the raw material quality and the desired cement properties, the clinker factor can be further reduced to 0.4 with a proportionate increase in calcined clay and limestone.