Phase 2: Feasibility of clays for LC<sup>3</sup> use at lab scale

Phase 2: Feasibility of clays for LC3 use at lab scale


Scope of work



  • Physical testing of all raw materials, including clays, clinker, limestone, gypsum etc
  • Determination of pozzolanic reactivity of clay sample(s)
  • Lab scale calcination of clay and establishment of reactivity
  • Preparation of one LC3 batch (5 kg) using the cement company’s raw materials
  • Evaluation of prepared LC3 mortar
  • Lab feasibility report of clay for LC3, including 2-3 mortar cubes and 5 kg of LC3 blend
  • 25 kg of selective clay (max. 2 samples) based on the analysis report
  • Other raw materials like clinker, OPC, raw limestone and gypsum in required amounts for preparation of lab blend to be supplied by a cement company