Phase 3: Pilot / Production Scale Feasibility for LC<sup>3</sup>

Phase 3: Pilot / Production Scale Feasibility for LC3


Scope of work



  • Selection of one kaolinitic clay in consultation with the cement company depending on its quality and availability
  • Lab-scale testing of clays to re- confirm the quality of raw materials.
  • Calcination tests in a furnace to define optimum calcination temperature.
  • Calcination of clay in rotary kiln and determining calcination parameters
  • Grinding in a continuous ball mill to establish grinding parameters, including use of grinding aids.
  • Preparation of LC3
  • Evaluation of LC3 in mortars
  • Evaluation of LC3 in two grades of concrete (M25 and M50)
  • Selected durability tests in two concrete grades i.e porosity, chloride ingress, carbonation and sulphate resistance
  • Performance report of LC3 using selected clay.
  • Durability test reports on selected grades of concrete
  • Recommendations on use of admixtures and grinding aids.
  • Life cycle assessment of LC3 production compared to standard production.
  • Note:
    If more durability parameters need to be tested, it can be done for additional charges.
  • Required raw materials to be sent to TARC New Delhi for performing tests. Exact quantity will depend upon the testing required.